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5 Things To Expect From A Stump Grinding Service

Are you ready to get rid of an old tree stump that's been taking up important real estate in your yard? If so, then stump grinding is the best method to choose. 

1. Location Assessment

A full site assessment should be scheduled before any actual removal work begins. Your technician needs to verify that there are no hazards that could interfere with grinding, such as the presence of underground water or power lines near the stump. This is when the plan for removal is made, which must be tailored to your stump and yard. The tech will also note the best location for placing the grinder so that it doesn't cause damages to any underlying infrastructure, like sprinkler heads.

2. Site Preparation

Some preparation is typically necessary before stump grinding can begin. It may be as simple as clearing a path to the stump so that the equipment and workers can move around freely while working. In some cases, your techs may need to carefully cut out turf or dig out landscaping before grinding. Sometimes rocks around the stump are an issue that will interfere with the grinder, which means the rocks must first be dug out.

3. Stump Trimming

Stump grinders are meant to grind down a tall stump, so the techs must first trim the stump down so it is just a few inches above ground level. It simply takes less time to grind out a low stump rather than a tall stump. They typically do this with chain saws, so the stump trimming is completed relatively quickly. 

4. Positioning and Grinding

Once all preparation is complete, the grinder is positioned over the stump. The grinding wheels, which are equipped with sturdy grinding tips, are lowered onto the stump, and the engine is engaged so that the stump can be ground down to well below the soil surface. The time it takes to fully grind out the stump depends on the size and depth of the stump.

5. Final Cleanup

Once grinding is complete, the workers will clean up the area. This usually means filling in the hole with the sawdust from grinding and raking up any debris. If sod was removed, the workers may lay it back over the old stump site. You may need to add more soil to full fill the hole unless your service provides full landscape recovery services along with stump grinding.

Contact a stump grinding service if you have an old stump that you are ready to get rid of.