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Have you ever visited a yard where the trees were bright green, magnificent, and oh-so lush? Did you find yourself wishing that your trees could look the same way? They can. They simply need the proper care. On this website, you will learn what that proper care entails. A lot of it comes down to proper trimming, but certain trees also thrive with fertilizer, extra water, or some wood mulch around their base. You'll also learn a bit about tree care companies and the services they provide, which will come in handy if you don't have the skills or equipment to do your own tree care.



4 Reasons Why You Should Remove An Old Tree Stump From Your Backyard

When trees get old and unattractive or pose a danger to your property, or when you no longer want them in your garden, there might be a need for tree care services to help cut down the trees. However, you must keep in mind that tree stumps will be left behind, and you will have to deal with them separately. If you are having a hard time determining whether to keep the tree stumps or remove them, here are the top reasons why you should remove the old tree stumps.

1. Growth of Invasive Plants

Invasive plant species such as fungi usually start growing on tree stumps, which is not healthy for your yard or garden. The fungi can spread to other plants. Additionally, new trees might sprout out of the stumps, but the new trees usually look unattractive, and the trees can be tough to eliminate. You might be forced to use chemicals to remove these hostile plants. These chemicals could have a burning effect on your vegetables, ornamental plants, or other garden crops that you are trying to grow. 

2. Increased risk of pest infestations

Stumps left in the soil begin to rot after some time and can break down entirely. However, the process is gradual, and the process usually leaves a whole mess behind. You might begin seeing different microorganisms, including carpenter ants, moving around and making nests on the stump. Soon enough, the ants can eat and build tunnels in the wooden structures on your property. This can weaken the house structure, reducing its resale value. With proper tree care services, you can eliminate stumps and keep away pests, helping protect your property. 

3. Safety Risks

Tree stumps pose a danger to you and others who live on the property. Kids might trip on them and get serious injuries such as a twisted ankle or broken leg. Also, you must take extra caution not to trip when you are weeding or mowing your garden. You must also take care that your lawnmower or other garden equipment doesn't make contact with the tree stump.

Visitors may not know exactly where the tree stumps are located. Your guests can easily walk into them and sustain bodily injuries such as minor scratches and bone fractures. Note that you are liable for their medical care, and failure to pay for the damage could land you in court. That means incurring extra insurance expenses.

4. Continuous Growth

Leaving a stump in your garden results in the tree roots' continued growth, which might be harmful to the surrounding environment. The growing roots might come into contact with pipes or slabs, resulting in cracking. Overgrown branches could also cause damage to your windows and other property.

Left unattended, tree stumps can be a nuisance. You should contact tree care services to help you remove the tree stumps from your backyard.