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Beneath the Trees: A Tree Care Website

Have you ever visited a yard where the trees were bright green, magnificent, and oh-so lush? Did you find yourself wishing that your trees could look the same way? They can. They simply need the proper care. On this website, you will learn what that proper care entails. A lot of it comes down to proper trimming, but certain trees also thrive with fertilizer, extra water, or some wood mulch around their base. You'll also learn a bit about tree care companies and the services they provide, which will come in handy if you don't have the skills or equipment to do your own tree care.



4 Signs It's Time To Trim Your Trees

Trees are excellent additions to your yard or garden. They can provide plentiful shade and offer local wildlife a place to nest and thrive. Once established, trees require very little care. They don't need to be watered regularly, unlike other plants, since their roots reach deep into the earth where they can tap into groundwater. However, trees do need to be trimmed occasionally. Untrimmed trees can become hazardous for your family and neighbors. Here are four signs that it's time to trim your trees.

1. Branches are growing close to the power lines.

Branches that grow too close to power lines can pose a safety hazard. They can cause fires under the wrong conditions. Tree branches can also cause power outages if a power line gets snagged and breaks. If you notice one of your trees starting to grow too close to any electrical lines, you should call a tree trimming service at once.

2. It is autumn or winter.

There is an ideal time of year for tree trimming. It's easiest to remove excess branches when leaves aren't blocking the view. In autumn, trees shed their leaves. Leaves don't grow back until spring, which leaves you a window of several months for tree trimming. If your tree trimming need isn't an emergency, waiting for the right time of year can make the job simpler.

3. You would like to shape your tree.

As trees grow larger, their branches typically spread out. Some people don't prefer the way this looks. Trees are large focal points, so it's understandable that you'd want to curate the aesthetics of the trees on your property. A tree trimming service can thin out your tree's branches. They can help you shape your tree to better suit the surrounding landscape.

4. You would like your tree to bear more fruit.

Fruit trees are a great addition to your yard. They can provide you with a supply of sweet, nutritious snacks. If you want to encourage your trees to bear more fruit, pruning can help. When trees put their energy into growing new branches, they have less energy to use for creating fruit. Cutting off branches will encourage your trees to spend more biological resources creating more fruit.

When you need your trees trimmed, you don't have to worry about finishing all the work yourself. Tree trimming can be a difficult task if you're not physically used to the work involved. Professional tree trimmers will use the right tools to cut away even the tallest, hard to reach branches. Most tree trimming services even haul away the branches they remove, so you don't have to worry about taking bulky waste to the dump.

For more information, contact a local tree trimming service today.